Policy for maintaining physical, academic and support facility

Procedures and Policies for maintaining and utilising physical, academic and support facilities laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

Vinoba Bhave University has a well laid down institutional mechanism or policies & procedures, having decentralised approach, to a larger extent, for the maintenance and utilising physical, academic and support facilities laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

with various boards, committees & offices supported by the HoDs, faculties and ministerial & technical support staff of respective departments and centrally coordinated by the offices of DSW, CCDC and Registrar as mandated by JSU Act, 2000.

Civil and Electrical maintenance is headed by the CCDC and supported by the Development Officer and University Engineers (Civil & Electrical), in-house electricians, technicians, plumbers, gardeners, etc.

Laboratory: The lab infrastructure including sophisticated equipments & instruments are calibrated, repaired and maintained by technicians of the related owner enterprises and service centres under supervision and monitoring of the respective departments with the advice of the Departmental Council through the HoDs. for e.g. microscopes are annually cleaned and maintained. ASTRC facilities are maintained through exclusive AMC.

There is a systematic disposal of wastes of all types such as biodegradable, chemical and e-waste.

Computers Softwares UPS: are maintained by the centralised computational centre and the respective departments through the specialised services of the owner enterprises and service centres technical staff on the basis of AMC or as and when required basis.

Classrooms: Every department has adequate number of classrooms and practical labs with proper furniture & seating facilities. Any maintenance or upgradation of classroom & practical lab infrastructure are taken care of at the departmental level through its Departmental Councils. Requirements are submitted as per the institutional SOP for procurement and purchase or repair.

Library: The Central Library headed by Director and supported by technical & ministerial staff is fully automated having KIOSK/RFID e-Resources /INFLIBNET facilities etc. Departmental Libraries are maintained by the respective departments and coordinated by the the Central Library.

Students are motivated to useLibrary facilities INFLIBNET /e-Resources etc.

Sports: facilities/infrastructures including outdoor grounds/pavilion and indoor stadium & gym are developed and maintained by the joint efforts of the Offices of DSW, CCDC,Director Sports and PG Athletic Club.

Health Centre: of the University having OPD facility is saved by the Medical Officer and the Department of Physiotherapy.

Vehicles & Transport: University has buses, staff cars and ambulance. Buses are plying covering all routes for the use of students. Staff cars are utilised by the University Officials as per their statutory entitlement on regular basis. Whereas, faculty members and staff may also avail the transport facilities as per their official requirements/entitlement. Also the transport facilities are provided to the Guest of the University. Ambulance service is available in the University 24*7 hours for the students, faculties, staff, officials and even local population at the time of emergency.

Vehicles are maintained by the controlling office of the end user, as the case may be, like buses are maintained by the DSW office.

Security: Development Officer is in-charge of the security of the University, supported by the Security Officer of the Outsourced Security Agency.

Guest House: Maintenance and upkeep of the University Guest House is outsourced to a House-keeping service provider and monitored by the in-charge of the guest house.

Adequate in-house staff is employed to meticulously maintain sanitation, hygiene, cleanliness and all other infrastructural facilities on the campus to provide congenial learning environment.

Routine plantation drive, Swacchta Campaign, Campus beautification & upkeep and Green Audit of the campus contribute towards environmental maintenance.